Thursday, October 30, 2008

Treat-or-Trick....Happy Guising

Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an international holiday celebrated on October 31. Common festivities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, carving jack-o'-lanterns, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies (source: wikipedia) or plainly taking a day's-off resting at home and eating your favorite food and...chichiriya.

Here in the Philippines, trick-or-treat or guising has become the most sought-after occasion among our youngsters, particularly those from 1-9 years of age. Tomorrow, October 31- surely Department stores like the SM, Robinsons, Landmark, and many more, in the country shall provide a day’s treat by giving away candies or small items and a halloween party good enough for them to enjoy.

As a whole, the precious smiles and the bonding of the family creates a lasting relationship….....anyway, it All Saint’s day after the 31st.

Happy guising!!

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