Thursday, February 26, 2009

Through It All by Hillsong

Through It All by Hillsong is a must-hear music. It might not be the song of the year, yet the instant you play on it, supernaturally you’ll felt its own worth as it touches You within, your situations in life, right where you are! As I continued, things became more apparent, understandable, putting us into a new dimension of a worthy life; giving us new hopes, new dreams, and brighter inspirations to move on and continue our journey.

"You'll never let me go...for your faithfulness in'll never let me go through it all...

I would love to hear and see this group Hillsong perform and be brought up into passion. The love, zealousness, and truthfulness of the song towards the Almighty God have proven practical, timely, and challenging. For at what point do we need to seek Him, be thankful, and recognize the one true source of our energy?

In an interlude to hear this song, I am taken into a mind full of aspirations, a heart with the fullness of joy, a new reason to be thankful, and the wisdom that shapes a new beginning -emerge.

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BURAOT said...

uyyy. welkam bak! kala ko tatagal pa hibernation mo eh. heheheh.