Friday, June 13, 2008


Have you ever account the time you spent from doing your daily activities and how well compensated and satisfied you become at the end of the day?

The answer may not usually surprise us because we usually don’t forget to calendar special events or appointments that require our presence or expertise in return for some value added incentives and/or additional income, whereas, those times spent from short and/or extended breaks are not tracked being at all! What do I mean with this?

Efficient time management boils down to the time you started planning your biggest activities down to the very second that you are expected to be doing it as well as all other added actions, even those petty issues that seems to create petty circumstances that pre-assumed not to hinder certain activities- should be taken into consideration. This means listing all your expected dealings for the day including those that are pre-appointed, determining the activities expected, and identifying the critical path that makes your priorities and sub priorities luminous for other concerns.

Use your pen and paper! It still is important to get hold of your original thoughts in this way and eventually adjust as other ideas popped up of your mind and changes your dealings.

First things first! Even the bible has quoted that “no one can serve two masters at a time”, on the contrary, because some has their own encounters where the latter do not apply, you have to backtrack all the things that requires your time and remember the time when you arrived at a stage or point in your activity where there is still a need to risk, give up, or decide on what must be granted with utmost priority, and then finally get back to holding one single option.

Organizing, preparing and executing have always been the guiding principle to many successful people -a secret that has long been open and waiting to be adopted and be practice as a guideline for long term perfection – a common tool to many financially successful people.

While it’s quite difficult to retold the records of people who have been successful on adapting and practicing time management in their careers, business, personal lives, and even to special occasions, it is clear that the beginning of magnifying all activities that we are getting involved with, selecting relevant and beneficial outcome, and organizing all for action in a timely executable pace – would manifest greater value of fulfillment and meaningful lifestyle.

We can now start on focusing creating wealth.

What makes most of your time nowadays?

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