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I was once engaged in a Multi-National private company owned by a well know local tycoon, as a senior supervisor of groups of people that ranges from 200-500 heads exclusive of groups of leaders per groups divided. Taking the time to recall those days, as I am now engaged in a different industry-performing a decent but in a low-profiled job tasks and/or projects, I am but chuckling to myself, where else did i got the will to handle my previous responsibilities.

Comparing me then and now, in terms of work loads and job responsibilities- it was truly a worthy question to ask- what had happened that made me choose this lifestyle as I was before. Why? Yes..why.

The Answer.

Being a leader doesn't always mean leading the way we want it to be or just leading by example because it was the way the management's required us to be. Leading means- You also have to be proactive when it comes to handling people and all other related resources that concerns You, your environment, particularly the company's resources -as the custodian of the company. In a way, this bare responsibility of taking care of the resources' would certainly create a separate world that must be totally detached to your personal life.

But of course,for you to indulge it must be a financially rewarding career-a plus if you're still a single, but for married spouses-you must have to weigh things,oftentimes you end up with your bed just to gain this financial baloney of the world.... all the more you probably ended up thinking it could be the price for your family's needs-and so, never mind the family 'coz they're always there for you because it's all for family's sake or maybe because you thought that the income is the thing that compensates for the lost time(?)-- is it? Whichever it maybe, we ought to halt, and ask ourselves, Do I still fit in?Where?

The one thing that we don't care to admit is that, we provide more time for these work because we need to give future for our family or the people around us who are counting on us, but ignored the knowledge that the things with whom we came to work for have been taken for granted for lost time and interest..thus ...we are trailing the path of a lost SENSE OF PURPOSE.

As i then came to my age, it makes me realize that I need to look for a lifetime partner that is a God-sent for me. Yes..i remember asking for it, wholeheartedly, and I was favored. Life is fair.

I considered myself capable of everything but not of having my kids because of the spouses obligations at work. It puts me into a tough situation of choosing the kind of work i had to be in. And yes, after 7 years I have to decide again.

From a known leader next for managerial position to becoming a low-profiled employee, was a 360 degrees shift and a tough deal. Unknowingly to all concerned, it was an obtuse path that I had to overcome.

Jobs are different-easy but tricky to deal, a different world of opportunity to handle with the people you need to mingle with, from arrogant-with lightheaded-to wise-and-the not-so-wise, to genius but not worthy, to non-sense but demanding and trying to be genius and the many other likes of personalities you can choose to expect in a government environment. But don't be wary, life is different in here. It also has a phase, a life of its own, most especially a budget to live with.

For four (4) years I've come to settle for a decent wage and position- but not comparable with the works I am assigned (as i recall)....there were times i want to give up, if not for my loved ones, then i need to survive. Pros and cons was so trivial, turnover was high in our section. Not to compare with how much i was earning then including the free trainings and the outdoor exposure given to all employees without any holds,i was amazed with the way management differs although of course the profit margin differs greatly.

Again i realized, each has a command of purpose. you may choose to say whatever it is.

I always desired for a better life, but now, my desire is for the people I am leaving with. As much as i desire Prosperity in all aspects of my life for me and my family and loved ones....i desire that with the people i worked with, let not your sense of purpose of becoming who you are and why you are who you are be not put aside, be not afraid to stand and put your sense into waste. Always Seek not only what's best for you but also for others to live by.

To the people I love, i seek justice for my love ignored, and care for lost times. For the person i treasure i promise to comeback and do what's best and needed for your future. To the people who oppressed me I seek justice from heaven and pray I am capable to give grace when my time has come to give favor for you and your children.

To opportunities lost because of wrong expectations I ask heaven to give 100x better and allow me to indulge that I may use my potentials to the fullest and be a channel of blessings.

To the family with whom I stayed, i thanked thee for the good and bad days where my patience are earned, for the heartaches, the trials that i have come to live by- which if given the chance i will never forget to remind others as a truly bad the mistress i thanked the more that without her i can no longer stay even more, but who can say who's perfect when those you are living with makes your not so perfect world soooo imperfect?Hhahaha, i heard that being perfect is an ill anyway, try to google it! so that you may know what stage you're in!!

To the family i came from, thank you for all the patience and understanding!

To the other family i came by, thank you for the patience, the good things and the not so good, it's a common story anyway.

To my friends..or those which i considered to be...thank you for being an outlet.

To me...cheers for my new found peace, love, and a new beginning!

From a well-loved story
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