Saturday, July 5, 2008

Undetected cell phone virus!

It has caused me a lot of trouble since Friday, when a text message from Singapore prompted me to open and read it because of some important transaction. When it was time for me to reply, it was only then that I found out my cell phone hanged! I tried to check all possible keys to know what's happening, and for a while I thought it was just a low battery problem thus I remove and return the batt on its place and recharged it. When I opened the cp a ring came out reading the same number of the last message I got! Then the phone went dead!

I was so dazed to realize that I could have received a virus or whatever, the last thing I remember....I was getting this information - Contact your retailer. Gosh, what had happened to my phone? That I don’t know.

Now comes the realization of having a corrupted os and worst of empty SIM contacts....totally erased! What a great trouble it caused me! All the important dates of appointments, the person and contact, et. al....hhhmp! I wish I had the handwriting backup of my almost 700contacts! with 60+ new contacts for my newly ventured biz!

What a techy world! I used to keep some cell phone or telephone numbers on my calendar/address book before but since it has grown to hundreds, managing it is being taken care by the cp and sim memory. A Big Mistake!

Anyway, I just came this afternoon to NOKIA Care center in Glorietta 4F, Makati and was advised that all my data can no longer be retrieved! The message always popping up every time I open the cp means it has to be re-programmed (!) or worst be taken to their main office for a higher level of technical diagnosis....I HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO LET THEIR PROCEDURE BE DONE, AND SO I LEFT MY CP ON THEIR CARE, HOPING THAT NO OTHER PARTS WILL BE TAKEN....except for checking or diagnosing what could have been the cause and trouble shoot it.

Well, it was not good news for Series users of NOkia, I for one, I just hope that these cellphone manufacturers or telco are doing their post sales responsibilities...(I wonder if this must be a part of a post sales scenario once this problem occurs, im just thinking, since I don’t have any other things I made a part from that message, which certainly crawls first to the telco lines and have been transmitted on my phone, or is it intentional for a new market sale-repair servicing). I’m a smart buddy user, and basically all incoming messages and calls will be transmitted first to telco before it comes down to my finite cp number....oR is there any quality measure to check this type of problem and why does it happen, it should form a part of their Key Results Areas (KRA) because they have their NOKIA technical center and has listings of defects already,thus, they should've released/ be tranparent of this deffects/troubles for cp users to be aware of. On the other hand, this ideas could be another added cost for them, why not have a repair center instead (just like the one they have) where users/cp ownres have to pay another service fee and shoulder another expense- - that's ok if it's a user's handling issue (am I right on this).

I haven't read any blogs about this since yesterday, but I do hope I could hear or read one, in light of this situation. My memory card is still in contact but my sim memory had been lost! Bottom line, 3 transactions have been astray.

Anyway, I think it's just a reminder for wise,just like this cp manufacturers and telco, backup your files always, or if we can...have a hard copy of the phone book cellp(lol)!

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