Saturday, May 24, 2008

Budget at stake

With the ever rising price increases to almost all commodities around the market here in the Philippines, it is just a wise move that every single penny must be managed accordingly. Well of course to some-this would be a simple common thought, particularly to people who really know how to handle their resources up to the last cent, but not for me.

I can only recall the last time where my one (1) thousand pesos (Php1,000) can still buy me 2bags of grocery-fulled items in the supermarket. Just this afternoon, when my son and I went from a nearby department store, that same amount can no longer give us the credit of buying the things we need much more to other new products in the market-because such can only give us one (1) bag worth of grocery!

And yes, i should have calculated it -at least for my sake, to make sure that i can be able to buy the basic priorities-take note: this is just for my priority items- needed for this week (I usually go for a week's grocery-that's why I am easily affected with this so-called economic crisis; btw, why can't the DTI regulate these stores anyway-are they not aware of these increases on a weekly basis).

And because there were items that need to be included for this week's shopping, i need to waived some other extras (including those for myself) to buy for its cost. Maybe, the truth of this situation is that-I should have been ready for this changing prices at all times. As such, who else will comfort me on this scenario- except myself? What is really the problem with our economy? I just hope this simple mind can comprehend the true mazes we are into.

In such case, as a consumer I need to be more wiser and be prepared with my budget listings before I indulge myself into something. You see, I am not the type to carry such lists unless I was told to buy things- in any case if I'm quite short of the budget i can still manage to shell out, but that was before- barely 1 week ago...hahaha, a disgrace to compare with this week's prices!

Now i won't be surprised if by next week, prices won't be the same again because school opening is fast approaching. I must save myself the headache of complaining when I finally be the one to buy my son's school items and requirements- especially when it's my son's first time to go to school.


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