Saturday, May 24, 2008



I've finally made this blog of mine, after doing some availability checking of blognames from the site, here i come.

My desire to share my personal and utmost concerns to issues, persons, and entities has driven me to push this blog. I am looking forward that everything goes well, just like all the others who have established themselves in the world of www and find themselves free from the regular habits of waking up in the morning finding a suitable suite to wear, rushing to the traffic jams, and beating the work schedule of the regular 8 hours work 5 days a week, all year round. And yes...i may assume that i am the last one to blog about this. But, lo, at least, i have found the true place to share others the pros and cons of life. Running my own race as anybody else.

I have always desired to have my own bread and butter, but on how to start and maintain it...only those who succceed can tell.

Thus, allow me to be a part of your social networks as i dwell into a new lifestyle of blogging my way to the whole world!

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