Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Complete Again

It's 7 days and 2hrs to be exact since hubby went out for a business project of NPC in Binga and you can almost relate with me when a light tapped was heard at around 2 o'clock in the morning and have him as a surprised!

Yes, my son and I missed him a lot.

He went out in a bad weather brought by the typhoon cosme, and eventhough it reported over the NEWS on tv that what was left over the Northern Luzon was some moonsoon rains, it still made us too difficult to get a signal from where he's working, not allowing us any calls in between his assignments. All straight week- no communication! It took me prayers, faith, confidence and the basics of love-my trust, to have a firm stand of waiting until any move needs to be done.

Actually it was a good ground for me to test my patience, my courage -not to think negatively for my hubby, and as for myself -my readiness of being alone and far from my hubby unexpectedly. Adding into it is the issue of what has been the problem of some couples-that has now become a norm of the century for a wedded guy-being a polygamus....or maybe even to some ladies around-that affected me, and have created some doubt.

Well, in some point, hubby's advantage can be attributed in his being a "Spiritually inclined person,"- with a vow to the Lord that when and only IF AND IF, the time comes that he's about to be tempted to other girl...he's prayer would be....let him be with God first, for he values his soul more than anything else and wouldn't bargain it for the Kingdom of heaven that he's about to inherit"- and that makes the BIG Difference. Which we both aggreed.

Well, true enough, i can only tell to others that through the years our many experiences had surpassed it all which can be attributed to the basic foundation of our marriage-our vow with God.

And i can only wish for all the the other couples and gentlemen out there, to consider the same thing and at least give credits on this ground.
I have allowed my PRAYERS to be manifested out of my vulnerability, before that 2 o'clock am came. Because, by 1 am, same day, i've kept my self from trying to make a call because he's still out pf the coverage area! That made me think to move on a different phase, my sensitivity to incidents which can cause delays with this situation had called for my prayer to work for us. That early morning I know, the nature owes me alot!

God is good. He never allowed me to be defeated by shortened patience, frustrations, and ill-emotions. True enough, after that long prayer, the result has given me that burst of surprised from that tapped on our room......almost 2 o'clock a light tapped was heard on our room. As i opened the door, I was surprised to see him that soon, but to see hubby smiling has made my whole week completely thankful.

I can even recall my son's long and trusting hugs while on bed with hubby, 'coz eventhough in halfsleep, he still can recognized him as he bid goodnight and smiled lazily in deep sleep!

My part is to allow myself to be comforted by his presence, without any questions, for I know, God was with him......for his face has shadowed the tiredness he had for the past week of work..overcoming any difficulties beyond his might.

Exactly 7 days and 2 hrs ago, i have been financially, emotionally, physically, and relationally struck in the absence of my lifetime partner. But i won't be ranting in detail now....for God has made a true manifestation of his promises.

For I know that He never gave any tests that we cannot overcome triumphantly....those were the days that trully became the banner of overcoming my life's difficulties-for trully...I have overcomed it all! By the grace of the Lord God, through prayers.....not by my might, through strong belief, not of anything else.By his wisdom...and the courage that his promises will never fail you.

Almost 11pm, this, my son and hubby had a late dinner in a food chain, talking in good moods like never before and with a new news of his upcoming project somewhere in Davao. But as for now, no doubt came fear existed...for I know, when God blesses us...He will never add sorrow into it ....but gives us His grace and promise completely all the more!

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